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What are Sliding Glass Doors Made of?

If you want to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces, our frameless sliding glass doors are an excellent option. Apart from providing an uninterrupted view of the outdoor space, they add character to your home and increase its value. When upgrading your patio doors, our modern sliding doors at GlasSpace can save on space and compliment the interior décor.

Sliding Glass Door Benefits

Frameless sliding glass doors have specific qualities that set them apart from swinging French doors and bifold patio doors. For instance, they have a sliding panel that allows you to open the doors from left or right. With the sliding configuration, the sliders are parallel to the wall. That means you do not need space to open the door in or out, unlike French doors. Sliding glass doors also come with a large screen door and narrow frames compared to swinging patio doors. This allows for more natural light while preventing bugs from entering your home. The uninterrupted view of the garden makes your living room appear bigger and brings nature closer, adding character to your space.

Materials Used in the Making Sliding Glass Doors

When looking for ideal sliding glass doors for your home, you should consider the materials used to make the doors. It would be best to choose strong frames that will support the glasses while providing versatile styling options. Apart from the frames, you should also consider the type of glass. Some types of architectural glass and structural glazing, increase functionality and energy efficiency, while other focus on safety in case of impact.

Here are popular materials for making sliding doors and their benefits:

Aluminium Sliding Glass Doors

If your home has a modern interior design, you should consider installing aluminium patio doors compared to classic options. Aluminium is a strong metal, which means manufacturers can create sliding doors with a slim profile that provides an uninterrupted transition from indoors to outdoors. Apart from its strength, aluminium provides a durable sliding patio door that requires little maintenance. Aluminium can withstand harsh weather conditions and lasts longer under sunlight.

Frameless Sliding Glass Doors

Frameless glass sliding doors have minimal framing, making them suitable for home improvement projects that require thin frames. Similar to glass extensions, aluminium patio doors are perfect for floor-to-ceiling doors if you want to maximise outdoor views. Since sliding glass doors cannot become entirely frameless, the thin aluminium frames help secure the edges of the glass unit and boost the doors’ structural integrity. If you want to create a modern look, frameless glass doors can be custom-designed to suit your home as the clean lines provide an unobscured garden view.

Glass Types

Sliding glass doors come with different glass types with custom features to boost the performance of the glass doors. For instance, you will find patio doors designed with tempered glass, double pane, reflective glass and solar-controlled glass doors. Tempered glasses are the classic choice, also considered as safety glass. Apart from the reinforced glass, when it breaks, it shatters into small tiny pieces compared to large pieces of glass that could cause harm.

Reflective glass limits the sunlight getting into the house by reflecting the sun away using a special coating. For improved energy efficiency, you can use double or triple glazing to minimise heat escape and maintain the ideal temperatures in the living room.

Solar-controlled glass patio doors boost energy efficiency and create comfortable internal environments during extreme temperatures. The solar glass reflects harmful rays of the sun, reducing internal heat gain. That means you do not have to overwork your HVAC system to keep internal temperatures in check. In cold weather, the solar-controlled glass minimises heat loss, keeping your home warm throughout winter while you enjoy the stunning outdoor views.

Natural light and glass décor are great ways to improve the interior design of your home. Sliding glass doors allow you to upgrade your home and make the interior look bigger while saving space and providing minimal interruptions. However, be sure to choose an ideal material to use for your patio doors. You need a versatile material with low maintenance and flexible design options. The above materials come in various designs and colours to match your décor and style requirements.

At glasspace we encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary design consultation with an advisor who will have the expertise and knowledge to assist you with a structure that is right for you.

Taking your brief and ideas we can design for you. If you have an Architect or designer, we will collaborate to ensure your new bespoke glass structure is the best it can be.

GlasSpace’s structures are unique and not made up of standard parts so designers have the freedom to express your idea.