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How To Create A Modern Barn Conversion

If you’re a homeowner, home builder, or renovator, a modern barn conversion is among the most popular type of home for a fantastic living space with plenty of rustic charm. But a successful barn conversion calls for careful planning, creative vision, and attention to detail, from initial design concepts to the finishing touches. But how do you create a modern barn conversion? Whether you’re an experienced renovator or a first-time homeowner, this blog will give you the information and inspiration you need to bring your barn conversion vision to life.

What is a barn conversion?

Originally used for storage and housing for livestock in the past, barn conversion is taking these old, unused, or often neglected farm buildings and transforming them into modern, stylish, and functional homes that blend traditional elements with contemporary design.

The conversion process typically involves retaining the original architecture and elements of the barn, such as exposed beams and stone walls, while updating the space with modern amenities and contemporary finishes. The result is a home that combines the past’s charm and character with the present’s comfort and convenience.

Barn conversions come in all shapes and sizes, and the possibilities for design and customisation are almost endless. The design of your barn conversion will depend on your style, needs, and budget, but with careful planning and the right team of professionals, you can create a beautiful home that perfectly reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Are barn conversions a good investment?

Barn conversion projects s are a smart investment, offering plenty of benefits over the usual forms of property development. While the cost can be higher than traditional home building or renovation projects, the finished result will be a desirable property that stands out on the market. A well-finished and highly-appointed converted barn could also be a good investment because of its:

  • Unique selling point: Plenty of homes on the market look the same, but a barn conversion provides a different option that can be more appealing and desirable to prospective buyers when the time’s right to sell.
  • Increased value: Because of their USP, barns for sale across the UK can often command higher prices than standard homes, making them an excellent investment if you want to increase your property’s value. They also hold their value well over time.
  • Great location: Location is still the most important consideration when buying a home. Buyers could look at rural properties that offer peace, quiet, and beautiful views, and barn conversions can provide just that.

Modern barn conversions may only be suitable for some, and the success of your investment will depend on many factors, including budget and conversion quality. But, if you’re looking for a desirable property that offers a great return on investment, a barn conversion may be worth considering.

Can you get a mortgage for a barn conversion?

If you’re considering a barn conversion, you may wonder whether getting a mortgage to help finance the project is possible. The good news is that you can get a mortgage, but the process may be different than applying for a mortgage on a traditional home, so you may have to find other options to help finance your build, including:

Self-build mortgages

Designed for potential homeowners who want to build or renovate a property, Self-Build Mortgages are common for barn conversions. Rather than receiving the money all at once, as you would on a standard mortgage, funds are released at different stages of the renovation project.

Some lenders may expect you to have some funds already available to pay for the initial stages of your barn conversion to show your commitment to the project. But these staggered payments can help you budget and keep your project on track.

Bridging loans

A bridging loan is a short-term loan that allows you to ‘bridge the gap’ to give you funds until proper finance is arranged or until you sell the property. Bridging loans can be secured even if your property is inhabitable, allowing you to renovate before moving onto a regular mortgage.

An added benefit of a bridging loan is that it can be arranged quickly and even taken in instalments to help with cash flow. But repayments terms are short, between 12-36 months, and interest rates can be high.

5 top ideas for your barn conversion

Barn conversions can be an excellent way to breathe new life into an old building and depending on the structure and your requirements, there can be numerous possibilities for what you can do with the space. Here are 5 top ideas to think about for your barn conversion project:

Install tall glass windows

Along with other USPs, the primary appeal in any barn conversion is usually its rural location, which comes with fantastic countryside views. So what better way to take advantage of those views than with a barn conversion with tall glass? Perfectly framing the everchanging outlook, tall glass window installations can provide a striking showpiece.

Add a feature fireplace

Adding a feature fireplace can add warmth, character, and style to any barn conversion. Whether you choose a traditional stone fireplace, a contemporary woodburning stove, or a modern gas fireplace, a feature fireplace can enhance the look of your barn and provide a welcoming focal point for your space.

Extend with a glass extension

Adding a stunning glass extension to your barn conversion will bring a serious ‘WOW!’ factor and can be ideal as an additional living space, kitchen, or dining room. The natural light that floods in through specialist solar glass can give you the remarkable feeling of being outside while enhancing the original features of your home.

Mix original features with new highlights

Bringing an old barn into the 21st century can be challenging, but it’s essential to retain that balance between old and new so the original fabric and character of the barn isn’t lost. You can achieve this by adding high-end audiovisual equipment into restored areas or even repurposing original features like barn doors into new areas like the kitchen.

Bring more light in with glass doors

Barns can be on the dark side, so take the opportunity to bring more light in whenever you can. Installing bi-folding doors is an incredible, compact, and space-saving option that can seamlessly open up a room to transition from inside to outside. Always check with a structural engineer beforehand to confirm if structural support is needed before installation.

Glass extensions with GlasSpace

Creating a modern barn conversion can be a challenge that takes ultimate commitment, but the payoff can be well worth it. This article should have given you some things to think about and a few barn interior ideas to help you get the most out of your renovation project. And if a glass extension might just be the finish you’re looking for, why not chat with our design team today?

Our designers and engineers have immense knowledge and experience in delivering a range of specialist glass structures for all types of renovation and conversion projects. So talk to us today about your glass house extension. Contact us today for a chat and a free, no-obligation quote.

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