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About us

About us

From your first enquiry, GlasSpace will ensure all your questions are answered, and great care is taken to make your project run smoothly.

We are the only Glass box extension company that directly employs its fitters, which ensures your structural glass solution gets the best attention to details and are fitted with the passion for perfection. 

Office complex fitted with reflective architectural glass

Wealth of glass experience

The Directors GlasSpace have over 70 years’ collective experience, the principal Director Andrew Vince having worked in the glazing industry for 27 years, starting his career on the factory floor and then designing and fitting glass solutions gaining a multifaceted and solid knowledge of glass and its complexities and possibilities.

Glass can truly perform some remarkable feats in modern design. It can be used to heat a space, cool it, it can change colour, it can be used as an inherent structural element of a building and it can be engineered into colossal panel sizes. Working with GlasSpace will bring your visions to life. Contact us online today to start you glass extension design.

Structural glazing and architectural glass

GlasSpace specialise in structural glazing solutions, architectural glass and sealant application. From glass house extensions to glass facades. The GlasSpace system has been designed by award-winning architects, structural glass engineers and leading independent test engineers, making our products inspirational, highly durable and secure.

GlasSpace uses commercial glass technology that has been developed over the last 25 years to create a new, contemporary environment which meets the demands and expectations of a modern home. Constructed from toughened glass units which are strong enough to walk on, a GlasSpace is completely safe and easy to maintain.

A lobby with a glass roof

Latest glass technology

Our design studio uses the latest specifications of low e thermal coating and argon-filled panels, your GlasSpace is guaranteed to exceed the rigorous new heat efficiency regulations and remains comfortably warm in the harshest of conditions.

We offer a wide range of  options such as solar control glass that cuts out the sun’s harmful rays all our frameless structures incorporate toughened laminated glass beams made of ultra-clear hinged and sliding glass door solutions.

Whether GlasSpace manages the whole project or is part of a larger team lead by your own architects’ team we will work with one goal in mind client satisfaction.


“Hi Kevin, Jill and I are absolutely delighted with the glass dining space, worth the wait,We appreciate the lengths very much you went to ensure completion coincided with the final kitchen fitting date. The floor was laid, and the fitter commenced work early this morning so without your overnight effort to get us the replacement beam we would truly have been “up the creek”.

Kevin, Gary and the rest of the team were a delight to have on site, working so professionally and efficiently. Their calm explanations and reassurance inspired confidence and I knew that their work was of the highest standard.

It was very kind of you not charging for the extra flashings and details. It has been a pleasure dealing and meeting with you. Best wishes from us both and hopefully we may catch up if you are down with the team when preparing Anna’s. Dave and Jill.