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Bespoke Glass House Extensions

Glass extensions come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to create architectural glass structures in different areas of your home. Glass house extensions can add natural light and space to an area that you spend most of your time. Kitchens and dining areas are often the hub of our homes

bringing the outside in with a clear glass room structure. This creates a healthy environment for your family. It is for this reason, glass kitchen extensions are one of our most sought-after extensions.

Bringing Light Into Your Home With a Glass Room Extension

Using modern-day glass technology GlasSpace can design, manufacture and build clear glass structures that will breathe new life into your home. Often a small well-designed modern conservatory will give you the best results when opening up an area. In addition to this, we also design and install stunning frameless structural glass extensions.

Glass house extensions have become one of the most popular glazed additions to homes across the UK. With solar control integrated into the glass and modern glass sliding doors, our experienced team can create a contemporary space or garden room for you to enjoy all year round.

Modern glass house tailor-made to fit your space

Each glazed extension is unique to suit the property. There are various options available when adding a stunning architectural glass room extension. From a contemporary glass porch, to a glass roof or a frameless glass conservatory. Our portfolio of bespoke buildings shows the vast array of projects we offer at GlasSpace.

Solar Control In Your Glass Room Extension

Glass rooms reduce solar gain and still allow natural light transition – Solar gain is the increase in temperature within a space due to radiated heat from the sun.

The glass we use reduces cooling costs in all glass spaces in the summer sun, creating an all-year-round space.

Architects and designers can create large glass facades and glass house extensions that are pleasant to use all year round.

Modern Glass Door Solutions

Designing and building modern glass rooms over the last 20 years, we have developed a portfolio of hinged and sliding glass door solutions unrivalled in the marketplace. Frameless sliding and folding doors to large format hinged bi fold doors are the finest.

This type of frameless door brings a minimalistic glass design in line with the structural material used for the roof and walls of the glass extension.

If you have an existing door you would like integrated into the glass extension, we can include this within the design for your living space.

How Are Modern Glass Extensions Made?

Our glass house extensions are designed and built completely bespoke and based on your specific requirements. This allows us to design and create glass extensions tailored to the size and layout of your home and the space you want to expand into. We can also fit most glazing glass panel sizes into the glass room structure.

Glass room extensions can include a whole range of glass support beams or steel supports if needed. This guarentees your glass room will not only be eye-catching, but also long-lasting and robust.

Bring The Outdoors Inside With A Bespoke Glass Extension From GlasSpace

A contemporary glass house extension provides your home with a relaxing space to unwind and to entertain guests all year round.

These modern glass house extensions provide benefits throughout the year giving cover for during the Winter months and Autumn, a shade from the midday sun during Summer. Preparing meals in a glass kitchen extension, or sitting in a glass room you are shielded from the elements, creating a relaxing atmosphere flooded with natural light.

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