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Frameless Glass Wall System & Facades

GlasSpace steel style doors take their structural integrity from the glass enabling our designers to produce steel style sliding screens with no boundaries in size and function creating large format frameless doors. This makes it possible for our designers to create bespoke doors to suit our customer’s needs.

GlasSpace are experts in glass wall and facade installations with almost a decade of experience in the structural glass industry.

Frameless glass walls and partition walls improve the aesthetics of your buildings and rooms by bringing in lots of natural light and enabling you to interact with nature without being interrupted by the bulky frames. An abundance of natural light lowers your energy costs and improves both the overall ambiance and mood. The structure is usually made of several glass units joined together with silicone.

Walls of frameless glass can be designed using structural glass units joined together with minimal structural silicone joints for ongoing walls of glass with no frame.

Glass Walls And Facades Solution

We specialise in all aspects of glazing. Our frameless glass walls and glass facades can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes. These glass structures are free from obstructive frameworks and offer minimal detailing. Bringing in floods of natural light and helping connect inner spaces with the outdoors, whilst still providing all the security and comfort you need.

A glass partition wall can be used as a room divider giving multi-use areas within a home or office environment. Internal glass partitions in particular allow for open plan living. Ideal for separating dining and living areas or providing private meeting rooms in an office whilst still having the feeling of one space.

This light and modern solution provides the feeling of additional space as opposed to solid walls. The minimal detailing and frameless design of our structural glass walls will invite natural light whilst still providing comfort, safety and security.

Why Choose GlasSpace?

We have teams of highly qualified architectural glass installers, who can help in design, planning and costing your glass wall installation project. We also do a feasibility study by accessing the site before making a quote and walk with you in selecting glass materials and the best designs for your building. Then our installers work as per the agreed plan taking into consideration any special requirements of your glazing system.

Quality Glass Wall Panels

We source our glass products from reputable glass manufacturers. Therefore, you are assured of quality glass materials that meet the specifications that we promise. Our insulated glass products meet the UK building code and are safe for use in various building applications. We have a reputation for quality materials and quality workmanship when making installations.

A Wide Choice of Products

We have different glass types for specific wall applications, including solar control, heated glass requirements, building extensions, partitions, aesthetic designs and so much more. We have a number of glazed wall options available to suit your requirements. From interior glass walls and doors to external glass wall panels and glass partitioning.

For security concerns, we have double-glazed laminated glass panels and hardened glass for maximum security. We even install security locks on glass entrances to enable you to lock your room with ease.

Various Glass Finishes

Our glass partition walls and facade installations come in various finishes to suit individual requirements. For example, if you need some privacy without having a solid wall, we have tinted or frosted panels for external glass walls that allow light but obscure views from outside. If you would like to have some decorations, we can provide you with decorated and branded glass panels for businesses.

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Giving your property a contemporary look with glass rooms and toughened glass partitions can have many benefits. From added value to your home, to more natural light and best of all a stunning modern finish. Glass partition walls for homes are increasingly popular yet each project we do is completely unique.

The use of frameless glass walls or glass façades is a cost-effective, efficient and modern way to design walls and partitions in residential and commercial buildings. Always go for exceptional quality and workmanship when having the walls installed. Contact our qualified glass installers today and have your project done cost-effectively, fast and with the latest glass technologies in the market today.

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