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Glass Extensions Ideas You Need To try

Glass extensions are the perfect option for adding extra light into your home while blending the outside to the inside. Opening your space using glass creates the illusion of a more spacious room as it is not restricted to conventional walls.

Your initial house design will determine if a conservatory or an orangery is the more suitable option for your property. With the advanced technology currently available on the market, you can add that fantastic look of glass and still maintain controllable temperatures no matter the weather.

Take a look at our glass extension ideas and how they would impact and convert your home.

Illuminate the Darkness

If you have a basement that tends to feel cramped and lifeless, adding a glass box above it and creating a glass floor will add life to it. Not only will the glass bring in natural light, but it will also connect the hidden basement world with the reality above.

Two In One Extensions

Glass extensions can be created to add a dramatically pleasant addition to your existing structure. With a side of the house that faces the garden and has a mezzanine floor, adding a glazed door of double-height to serve both floors simultaneously gives you access to the garden from whatever floor. Get in touch today for more information about our glass house extensions.

Frameless Glass Extensions

An existing patio on the rear side of the house can be converted using frameless glass and guarded with a glass balustrade. The frameless glass doors can then open at a 180° angle to facilitate folded opening out of the glass doors on warmer days. Read more about our frameless glass doors here.

Bringing the Outdoors In

A glass box extension would give you access to the garden from inside your property. With aluminium doors, a large expansive glass extension would open out into the garden. Placing a dining area in this glass extension would make a calming eating area with beautiful views into your garden.

You may also want to consider bringing down a whole wall on one side and replacing it with a glass extension. This will drastically change your home’s whole outlook and bring in the outdoors as you will have access to the outside beauty of nature while still inside your home. This type of glass extension will drastically increase the amount of natural illumination.

Enquire about our glass box extensions today.

Extend Your Kitchen With An Extension

Your initial house design dictates how you can invent your glass extension and what space you can extend in the home. Consider bringing down a single sidewall and developing the area with glass to add length and give beautiful views. This could be perfect for extending the kitchen, dining area, or lounge space.

Glass Floors

For a multi-level property, glass floors add a unique tinge of transparency yet still maintaining privacy. Consider putting glass floors to enhance the light into the room and giving your home an exquisite look. A glass floor will enhance a see-through look.

Open Up Into The Sky With A Glass Roof

At GlasSpace our glass roofs are ideal for kitchen or living area spaces. The sky’s view from inside the house gives a calming effect and is simply beautiful in the most magnificent way.

You can get creative here and engage the technology that will allow you to fully retract the glass ceiling, opening up into the sky and letting you experience the aroma of fresh air. You will need to be cautious about the birds though, as you may get unexpected guests when you open up your glass ceiling.

Glass Box Window Extensions

Adding glass box window extensions allows infiltration of the morning light. It is a modern addition to an olden type house design. From the floor to the ceiling, windows are a great way to keep in touch with the outside.

In Summary

Glass extensions are aesthetically beautiful. The natural light they add to your home means you will start to experience reduced electricity bills. Suppose you are space constricted, and your property sits near a communal road. In that case, consider using reflective glass. It ensures your privacy as those on the outside will merely see reflections of themselves and their surroundings. For areas with shrubbery and trees, reflective glass enhances the look marvellously.

If security is a concern, there are numerous ways you can manage this hurdle in the type of glass you use combined with the frame type. Frames like aluminium and zinc tend to be maintenance-free. Your renovating company will advise you on the security options available.

When considering glass extension additions to your home, ensure you use a trusted company. They will be best suited to advise what would work best based on the ideas you have and its practicality, combined with your house plans.

At glasspace we encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary design consultation with an advisor who will have the expertise and knowledge to assist you with a structure that is right for you.

Taking your brief and ideas we can design for you. If you have an Architect or designer, we will collaborate to ensure your new bespoke glass structure is the best it can be.

GlasSpace’s structures are unique and not made up of standard parts so designers have the freedom to express your idea.