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Structural Glass Roof Lights

Installing a glass roof light will change the dynamics of your space creating light and improving the mood let there be light. At GlasSpace we bespoke manufacture your glass roof lights are leaving no challenge that is too small or large for our design team. Bringing light into areas that have been overlooked our mission at GlasSpace is to bring you light.

Flat Roof Glass Panels

We design roof lights that will change your space. we also provide walk-on roof lights set into patios that add a wow factor unlocking the potential of a terrace or dark basement. Multiple layers of toughened glass laminated together gives you the strength adding a thermally efficient layer of glass creating a cavity will give you a glass floor that will keep your building dry and comfortable.

All of our rooflight products are entirely adjustable to meet the space or requirements you need: whether you want to add light to your house, provide ventilation options, or create a magnificent focal point in a room, we have the perfect solutions for you. Contact us today to speak to our designers about installing stunning glass roof lights into your space.

Flat Glass Roof Lights

Your environment will be further enhanced by the ventilation created by a opening roof light. A space that’s ventilated will not suffer from the build-up of condensation, which could lead to the development of mould and damp issues if left untreated. Our walk on glass roof lights will keep you home dry and comfortable.

GlasSpace is a totally flexible company that will design manufacture and install your roof light floor bridge or floating glass stairs bespoke manufactured using structural glass.

Specialist Glass For Roof Lights

Your walk on glass floors and roof lights will make the most of the limited daylight hours available. We also manufacture and install frameless hinged and sliding glass doors and structural glass box house extensions that bring in huge amounts of natural light into your home.

Saving You Money And Help The Environment

Rooflights or skylights provide more than aesthetic. By creating light entry, they reduce reliance on internal heating systems and subsequently drive down energy consumption levels. This translates into lower running costs and a noticeably reduced carbon footprint.

Can Toughened Glass Be Used As A Roof Light?

Engineered glass panels from GlasSpace can be used in your home to create beautiful roof openings, allowing maximum natural light in the space below.

The factors to consider for overhead glazing in your home are safety, controlling solar radiation and glass maintenance. If privacy is needed, tinted translucent shades of colour can be incorporated to reduce vision through the roof whilst maintaining light transmission.