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Glass Staircases

At GlasSpace we specialise in installing glass staircases and floors into residential and commercial buildings. Creating a unique appearance. They can be easily adapted to fit the required space, we offer a wide range of ways to customise your staircase ideas Bringing an elegant, modern look with a personal touch.

Add a Modern Glass Staircase to your Home

A bespoke glass staircase is amongst the most popular products that offer at GlasSpace along with modern glass building extensions and easy to use frameless sliding doors. Something as simple as upgrading from a conventional oak staircase to a glass one means that your stairway will have an enhanced style and give your home a more contemporary style.

This enables light to flood into your home whilst giving the illusion that you have greater space in your home than you do. This stunning and contemporary feature can add a modern impression to any home, of any style and age.

At GlasSpace, installing glass is what we specialise in. We use the latest technology when creating our modern staircase and banister designs. You can be confident the high quality glass we use will be chosen with your comfort in mind.

Safety First

A question we are frequently asked about glass floors and stairs is whether they are safe. Glass is, after all, well known for its fragile nature. However, the answer to this is a resounding yes. For both stairs and modern glass railings we use toughened glass for extra safety. We use toughened glass for our staircases. This is thick and there are a variety of ways it can be treated, such as heat-strengthening, so it is actually often stronger than a wooden floor or stairs.

Another common concern is whether the glass becomes slippery, particularly after a spill and therefore likely to cause an accident. While it is true that smooth glass can be slippery, it is common for glass floors and stairs to be constructed from textured glass, reducing this hazard.

Enhance The Natural Flow With Light

A glass floor can be as small or as large as required. Our glass steps give a feeling of more space, reflecting natural light around a room. A single panel can look stunning in a room, creating an elegant touch. Alternatively, we can install a larger glass floor with a sleek, modern appearance that is easy to keep clean.

It is not just the room with the glass floor which benefits from the installation. Rooms beneath the glass floor will enjoy a lighter, airier atmosphere thanks to the natural flow of light through the glass above. If the modesty of those walking on the glass floor is a concern, a translucent or etched glass floor will protect this. Some of our best staircase renovation projects have been paired with a stunning glass roof skylight to invite more natural light into a usually dark hallway or landing space.

Glass Staircase Ideas

At GlasSpace, our staircase renovations come in a variety of styles and to fit any space. We might have a frame for a modern design or use frameless panels for a more minimalist appearance. They can also be attached directly to a toughened glass wall partition, for a ‘floating staircase’ effect.

Our modern glass staircase designs are ideal for both domestic and commercial staircases. Enhance the natural flow of light around the building, resulting in a brighter space. Unlike standard wood and oak staircases, glass will not be damaged by moisture, making them easy to maintain.

Floating Glass Staircase

Choosing frameless glass panelling for your stair design is the perfect way to give a traditional home an ultra modern twist with a simple yet beautiful and unique design for your home interior. Our amazing floating glass steps give a sense of luxury with the final grand and bespoke finish. Glazed staircases are the ideal choice for a large home or for commercial use in an office space.

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Looking for inspiration?

Personalised Glass Staircases

Renovate your old staircase with the addition of a beautiful and modern glass staircase to your property. While glass floors and staircases are both functional and practical, this is not usually the reason why they are chosen. We design and install your bespoke staircase to fit your space. The aesthetic appearance is also important and the designers at GlasSpace will work with you to deliver the personal touch.

The possibilities to personalise the glass floor and staircase are almost endless. We can offer a wide range of different textures such as frosted or etched and colours from crystal clear to tinted. LED lights can even be added for a spectacular visual effect. At GlasSpace we are committed to creating the home of your dreams.